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I welcome your visit to my home page.
The left Chinese five characters mean
“Do not forget your fresh mind you embraced
when you began something”.
This hand-written is by my mother
when I became a research associate of Osaka University
at the age before 30.
This is always in front of me in my office
and the color of the seat is already turned brown
by Sun light over 20 years.
The subjects I research have changed gradually
and sometime dramatically.
I, however, never forget about my interest
in knowing the role of the nature controlling our world.
These five characters
always remind me of why I became a scientist
and how I was enthusiastic
when I learned something new in my life.
The change of the direction of research
or subject means the growth
and maturity of a scientist
and does not conflict with this word.
I always keep this word in mind to have the curiosity
to any thing in my life
as a freshman has in entering University.
I hope you enjoy my world in this home-page.
Feel free to give me any comment on the site.
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   (2015 年5 月に知り合いに出した挨拶文のコピーより)
高部は9 月末で早期退職し、ドイツのドレスデンにあるHelmholtz 研究機構に再就職します。この4 月に国際会議でドレスデンに出かけた際、4 月22 日に研究機構で最終的な契約書にサインしました。有休を消化し、8 月22 日にはドイツ入りの予定です。


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